The Power of Extraordinary Listening

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Pausing even two or three seconds before speaking will help you convey more intention and confidence in your daily conversations. Leaders allow sufficient time for listening. They appreciate the richness of diverse opinions and the opportunity to learn, advance and improve - whether it be their own performance or a given situation. Practically minded, they view listening as productive and an avenue to better results. Making eye contact is important. Maintaining it speaks volumes. - Extraordinary Listening for Leaders & Teams

Great leaders give you their full attention the entire time you have with them. Granted, the time allotted may be short, but true leaders will look you in the eye and absorb what you're saying - without glancing at their cell phones or papers on their desks. Effective leaders know the dangers of information vacuums and ambiguity. They believe in communicating directly and clearly.

You always know where you stand with an effective leader. What happens if you don't have an answer to convey directly? There is safety in an answer like "we're still thinking about that," because it comes from a place of intent and authenticity -- and the knowledge that you'll receive the information you need at the right time. Part of being an effective communicator involves avoiding the pitfalls that make you less likable. One big habit to stop is complaining. Complaining is like yawning. Once you do it, someone else will do it. Soon you'll breed a culture of complaining.

Now published in over 70 languages, this number one international best seller gently offers answers to life's biggest questions as well as a practical process to help you create prosperity, vitality, happiness and inner peace. This is the incredible story of Julian Mantle, a superstar lawyer whose out-of-balance lifestyle leads him to a near-fatal heart attack in a packed courtroom. His collapse brings on a spiritual crisis, forcing him to seek answers to life's most important questions.

With Pixar's prospects looking bleak, it was with some trepidation that Levy accepted the position. After a few weeks he discovered that the situation was even worse than he'd imagined. The New York Times best-selling authors of Switch and Made to Stick explore why certain brief experiences can jolt, elevate and change us - and how we can learn to create such extraordinary moments in our life and work.

What if a teacher could design a lesson that he knew his students would remember 20 years later? What if a doctor or nurse knew how to orchestrate moments that would bring more comfort to patients? What if you had a better sense of how to create memories that matter for your children? Many of the defining moments in our lives are the result of accident or luck - but why leave our most meaningful, memorable moments to chance when we can create them? In The Power of Moments , Chip and Dan Heath explore the stories of people who have created standout moments, from the owners who transformed an utterly mediocre hotel into one of the best-loved properties in Los Angeles by conjuring moments of magic for guests, to the scrappy team that turned around one of the worst elementary schools in the country by embracing an intervention that lasts less than an hour.

Filled with remarkable tales and practical insights, The Power of Moments proves we all have the power to transform ordinary experiences into unforgettable ones.

I could not stop reading this and now cannot stop recommending it to everyone. This is a book I will come back to again and again as it has both personal, professional and social impact. Thank you. Loved it. Powerful messages, delivered effectively. I will be listening to this again and hopefully be able to use some of the advice given.

Thank you to the authors. I really enjoyed this book. It has so many useful snippets that you can apply to all parts of your life work and life in general. I was recommended this book as a designer but I can truly see the value for anyone, at any stage in their life and in any career. I enjoyed listening to this book and will listen to it repeatedly as it contains valuable life lessons. This book changed the way I think about my whole life and work.

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Cant recommend highly enough. Moments can be defined by elevation , pride, insight or connection EPIC. Some moments might have some, all or one of those. People tend to remember only the good parts of an event. For instance if you rate a experience throughout the day with an average of 6, but with peaks of 9 and 10, probably you would rate it as a 9,5 after a while and not a 6.

This is due to a psychological characteristic we have. There are also some times of moments. A milestone, a transition or a pit. An experience did on having your hand on a cold bucket for 60 seconds was worst rated than a 60 seconded followed by a warmer but still cold for additional 15 seconds. This is because we value a transition. People tend not to think to make good moments.

There is for example a first day experience where John Deere put the name of the new hire on the screen at the entrance, put a sign next to the table and sent a video from the CEO.

They inspire

Banks for example could do it for a first account opening for a young, a reminder when someone marries or buys a house. Fit bit for example gives trophy for small achievements. To improve customer experience companies need to fill the pits and create peak moments. Most of the companies are good at filling the pits which is an important thing to do but few focus on creating peaks. But most of the companies and even in personal life, people tendo to ignore it. This is a task where you need effort, planning and execution.

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The John Deere experience for example, not all the countries implemented it even with all the planning already done. There are some people that need a trauma like a disease to start worrying on creating moments. For creating a peak moment you should improve the censorial experience sounds, touch and smell , raise the stakes and to break the script. For this, you should break it strategically and you should know in detail the script before hand.

The preat a manger cafe house had the strategy to give free things on the employee decision on whom they liked more. Psychologically our minds also tends to stretch surprise moments. Most of the moments we rank as more important happens between the ages of 15 to This is where most of the thing are new having kids, marring, job, etc. A study proved that showing several pictures of brow boots and one red alarm clock. Each picture was showed for the same period, but people tend to say the alarm was showiness more time. This was the case for Vf company, a fashion conglomerate, that instead of having their annual meeting with a ppt presentation, they made outside events with the purpose of innovating.

Another strategy for crystallizing the truth is to make the people to have their insights. CLST, had a program to reduce open door defecation. The strategy was to dramatize and make them understand it by themselves. The person started asking questions and ultimately gave a glass of water with a hair that was put into shit and comparing with flies on the food.

Another case made employees that had good product but hard to use, to actually use the product and understand why it was difficult the insights came from them selves. Another test, asks teachers what they wanted their students to remember from their classes. Most said they wanted they to keep the interest on the subject and the love for math, history, etc and not a specific formula or specific things.

But when they were asked what they did to make that happen, a silent came at the room. Also, to test your limits you should sometimes stretch your experiences and to know you better. A menthol should push with support and guidance and the mentee should stretch. To create moments of recognition, it should personal. To create a moment of pride you can use recognition, as said before, but also with multiplying milestones and practice courage.

For milestones we should think on better motivating milestones like instead of losing weight, prefer fitting in a certain dress. Purpose is better than passion. This is because it creates a connection between people. For having a important moment, you should have responsiveness: understanding, validating and caring. About 15 teachers agreed to conduct home visits that summer.

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The early progress was slow—parents were skeptical at first. But then a positive buzz about the visits began to spread around the community. I got a home visit. On the first day of school in the fall of , the vibe at Stanton was palpably different.

The Power of Hustle to Create the Extraordinary with Lisa Messenger

And that basic familiarity and trust resulted in better behavior. One day, an issue in the cafeteria resulted in about students having to line up on the stairs. The previous year, there would have been pandemonium. This year, there was silence and order. Only 25 parents had shown up the previous year.

This year, optimistic that the family visits would make a difference, the staff set up 50 seats in the auditorium. Those seats filled up 15 minutes before the program began, so the staff kept adding seats. When Fisherow finally took the stage to welcome the crowd, it was standing room only.

More than parents had come to the school. The astonishing moments continued, one after another. Academic performance improved. Suspensions went virtually extinct: From to Year over year, the successes built: More home visits. More parental participation. Better behavior. Higher test scores.

The Power of Extraordinary Listening

How could such a small intervention have such a big effect? We are accustomed to thinking about relationships in terms of time: The longer the relationship endures, the closer it must grow.

If we can create the right kind of moment, relationships can change in an instant. But certainly it was the catalyst for the change. And each visit lasted about an hour. Our experiences are mostly forgettable and occasionally remarkable. We can be the designers of moments that deliver elevation and insight and pride and connection.