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This will give you a good idea of how well they perform across seasons, which will help you gauge your own likely success. Once you have both of these accounts set up, you can start listing your products. Amazon makes it easy to create single or bulk listings using the various tools on their website.

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Storage, shipment, tracking, and packaging are just some of the aspects that the fee estimator takes into account when helping you set your prices. Once you have your items listed, you need to prepare them for shipping and inventory.

Now you can track your shipment to Amazon, and once it has arrived and been inventoried at their warehouse, you should be able to see each listing on the Amazon website. Amazon also has the business know-how to keep track of your items and the experienced staff to offer exceptional customer service. Combined with its many other benefits, FBA is a good way to go for both new and experienced online business owners. To learn more about the pros and cons of Fulfillment by Amazon and other ideas for kickstarting your Amazon business, attend an Amazon seller event.

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Burning trees also pumps more carbon into the atmosphere. Deforestation can be caused by natural factors, like insects or blight, or by humans.

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This is a typical case of human deforestation: Farmers cut down trees to plant or expand a farm, then burn the leavings to clear the ground. Brazil had previously tried to portray itself as a leader in protecting the Amazon and fighting global warming. From to , the country created new conservation areas, increased monitoring and took away government credits from rural producers who were caught razing protected areas. This brought deforestation to the lowest level since record-keeping began. But as the economy plunged into a recession in , the country became more reliant on the agricultural commodities it produces — beef and soy, which are drivers of deforestation — and on the powerful rural lobby.

Land clearing, much of it illegal, began to tick upward again. There is evidence that farmers feel more emboldened to burn land following the election of Mr. Bolsonaro blames nongovernmental organizations for the fires.

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He has cited no evidence, and environmental experts dispute the claim. Some local governments have said they are shoring up their fire brigades. On Thursday, Mr. Bolsonaro said the Brazilian government lacked the resources to fight the fires, but on Friday he said he would direct the military to enforce environmental laws and to help contain the fires. Log In.

How did the fires start?

How widespread are the fires in the Amazon? How did the fires start? How dangerous are they to the rain forest?