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Share This Story. Recommended Stories. About the author Claire Lower. Email Twitter Posts. Club News. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. Messiah, on the other hand, is "advocate" for His people in the court of heaven's justice 1Jo The "angel of the Lord" took the same position just before another high priest was about to beget the forerunner of Messiah Lu , who supplants Satan from his place as accuser. Some hence explain Jude 9 as referring to this passage: "the body of Moses" being thus the Jewish Church, for which Satan contended as his by reason of its sins; just as the "body of Christ" is the Christian Church.

However, Jude 9 plainly speaks of the literal body of Moses, the resurrection of which at the transfiguration Satan seems to have opposed on the ground of Moses' error at Meribah; the same divine rebuke, "the Lord rebuke thee," checked Satan in contending for judgment against Moses' body, as checked him when demanding judgment against the Jewish Church, to which Moses' body corresponds.

Under the type of Joshua the high priest receiving clean garments, Zechariah , and a covenant of promise from God, Zechariah ,7 , Christ, the Branch and Corner-stone, is foretold, Zechariah And he; the Lord of hosts, whose servant Zechariah was, and in whose name he spake.

Showed me; in vision represented to me, Zechariah. Joshua the high priest; for that office was by hereditary right descended on him, and how mean soever his state was, yet still he was that great officer of the church. Standing; either as accused, and to make his defence; or rather ministering in his office, according to his duty. Before the angel: this angel was Christ, whose minister, or servant, the high priest was, as well as type of him.

Standing at his right hand; either because the accusation was true, or to hold his working hand from its work. To resist him; Joshua. The Targum paraphrases it, "and sin standing at his right hand to resist him:'' when the people of God fall into sin, Satan the accuser of the brethren, their avowed enemy, observes it, and accuses them before the Lord, and seeks their condemnation.

Maimonides p understands this of his standing at the right hand of the angel; but it was not usual for the prosecutor, accuser, or pleader, whether for or against a person arraigned, to stand the right hand of the judge: indeed, in the Jewish sanhedrim, or grand court of judicature, there were two scribes stood before the judges; the one on the right hand, the other on the left; who took down in writing the pleadings in court, and the sentences of those that were acquitted, and of those that were condemned; he on the right hand the former, and the other on the left hand the latter q.

The prince or chief judge of the court sat in the middle; and his deputy, called "Ab Beth Din", or father of the court, sat at his right hand; and a wise man, a principal one, at his left r ; but it was usual for the pleader, who was called , "Baal Rib", to stand on the right hand of the party cited into the court, whether he pleaded for or against him s : and to this custom is the allusion here, and in Psalm where Satan, who is the accuser of men, and pleads against them, is placed at the right hand, as here; and God, who pleads the cause of his poor people, is also represented as standing on their right hand.

The business of Satan here was to accuse, to bring charges, to plead for condemnation, and endeavour to get the sentence of it passed against Joshua; for he was at his right hand, to be an "adversary" to him, as his name Satan signifies, which he has from the word here used; being an enemy to mankind in general, and especially to the people of God, and more especially to persons in sacred public offices; to whom he is "a court adversary", as the Apostle Peter calls him, 1 Peter who appears in open court against them, and charges them in a most spiteful and malicious manner; and is a most, implacable, obstinate, and impudent one, as his name signifies, and the word from whence it is derived t ; though Maimonides u thinks the name is derived from which signifies to decline, or go back from anything; since he, without doubt, makes men to decline from the way of truth to the way of falsehood and error.

Sanhedrin, c. Hilchot Sanhedrin, c. Mosis Kotsensis Mitzvot Torah, Pr. Cocceium in Misn. Schultens in Job i. Zechariah Jehovah, from whom all the visions proceeded, Zechariah ; Zechariah , shewed me. His grandfather, Seraiah, was taken captive by Nebuzar-adan after the sacking of the city and burning of the Temple, and was slain by Nebuchadnezzar at Riblah 2 Kings Josedech, or Jehozadak, his son, the father of Joshua, was at the same time taken as a prisoner to Babylon 1 Chronicles , where Joshua probably was born.

During the lifetime of Josedech, while the Temple was in ruins and the people in captivity, the High Priesthood was in abeyance. After an interval of about 52 years, Josedech being now dead, the office was revived in the person of his son. Joshua was the first of the third or last series of High Priests, those, namely, who came after the Captivity.

He is spoken of with commendation in the Book of Ecclesiasticus Sir ; comp.

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See note on Zechariah Satan standing at his right hand ] The great Adversary for Satan is here a proper name, as in Job ; Job here assumes the character Revelation and occupies the place Psalm of the accuser in the trial. See Appendix, note B. The verb and the noun Satan have the same root. The charge against Joshua has been thought to be a personal one, and reference has been made to Ezra , to prove that some of his sons had polluted themselves by marrying strange wives.

The passage in Ezra however, is at least 60 years later than the vision in Zechariah. It is better to regard the intended accusation as including both personal and official transgressions, his own sins and the sins of the people Hebrews ; Hebrews Sin, the sin of the man and of the order to which he belongs, of the individual and of the nation which he represents, stands in the way of the promised blessing, and must first be put away before that blessing can be enjoyed. Pulpit Commentary Verses The fourth vision: Joshua the high priest before the angel. Verse 1. The Septuagint and Vulgate give, "The Lord showed me.

So in Zechariah it is the Lord who shows the "four craftsmen. In that it was declared that the Lord would again dwell in Jerusalem, and visit his people with blessings. But to fit them for the presence and favour of Jehovah they must be pure. To this end they must have a holy priesthood to train them in righteous ways, to oppose the attacks of the adversary, and to intercede for them effectually. The removal of their impurity is represented in the fourth vision. Joshua the high priest see note on Haggai The name is written Joshua in Ezra , etc.

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He was the first of the high priests after the Captivity, succeeding, as by hereditary right, his father Josedech, who died in Babylon. For his services in restoring the temple he is praised among great men in Ecclus.

compilation: "Celebration For The Love Of Satan" (2011)

Standing before the angel of the Lord. Joshua is the representative of the priesthoood, and through that also of the whole people. The angel of Jehovah see notes on Zechariah , 13 is the representative of and endowed with attributes of Jehovah, the Friend and Leader of Israel. The phrase, "standing before," is used in a ministerial sense, as of a servant rendering service to a superior Genesis ; 1 Kings , 8 , and a priest or Levite performing his official duties Deuteronomy ; Ezekiel : also, in a judicial sense, of a person appearing before a judge, either as plaintiff Numbers ; 1 Kings or defendant Numbers Many commentators find in this scene a judicial process, Joshua appearing before the angel as before his judge; and Ewald supposes that it adumbrates his actual accusation at the Persian court, The mention of the adversary at the right hand Psalm is supposed to confirm this interpretation.

But it is obvious that the adversary might stand at the right hand, not as a formal accuser in a trial, but in order to resist and hinder Joshua's proceedings; the angel, too, is not represented as sitting on a throne of judgment, but standing by ver. It is therefore best to conceive that Joshua is interceding for the people in his official capacity in the presence of the representative of Jehovah.

The locality is not specified; it may have been before the altar, which, we know, was built and used at this time. The special mention of his garments implies that he was engaged in official duties in a consecrated spot; but the place is immaterial. Satan ; the adversary , or accuser. The personality of Satan is here plainly recognized, as in Job , etc. She survived long enough to wander into the woods, where she died in the arms of her husband, making him promise to keep their son Victor from walking the same path as her.

Upon her death, her soul was trapped in Mephisto's realm, where it was to be tortured for all eternity. After casting a spell to summon the Lord of Lies's presence in his castle, Doom battles the Devil's chosen champion: Kagrok the Killer. However, he lost every time to the prince of lies. The human stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze once made a pact with Mephisto, whom he believed to be Satan, by exchanging his soul for Mephisto's saving his stepfather "Crash" Simpson from dying by cancer.

However, before Mephisto could take possession of Blaze's soul, Simpson's daughter Roxanne arrived and recited a spell of banishment she had read in one of Blaze's occult books. Mephisto was forced to flee without Blaze's soul, but not before he had grafted the essence of the demon Zarathos to Blaze's body.

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Roughly two thousand years ago, Mephisto had taken control of the living flame that was Zarathos' soul. Since Zarathos was too powerful to use as a mere lackey, Mephisto amused himself over the centuries by placing the essence of Zarathos in a human host. Mephisto employed him in that form to claim human souls. After Mephisto grafted Zarathos' essence onto Blaze, Zarathos would continually take control of Blaze's body. Mephisto made a deal with Jennifer Glatzer , a Satanist. She would get Linda Littletrees involved in Satanism under the pretense of harmless fun.

However, she soon became a sacrifice that they offered to Satan, and Linda's soul was put in forfeit. He sent her after Ghost Rider, but when she failed, Mephisto forced her to turn her own Satanic power on herself in front of Blaze as both a punishment and a warning.

The Satanic Temple Library

Mephisto, disguised as Satan, used James Mandarin as a tool against Doctor Strange in order to lure him to hell. Mephisto kidnapped Shalla-Bal once again, but when the Surfer comes to his realm to attack him, he transformed himself into energy and sends the energy orb out into space. The Surfer chases after it. However, he realizes he's once more trapped in the barrier that is around the Earth. The Hell-Lords met in Hades where they decided to merge their respective realms, thus increasing their power, and to begin taking in new souls.

They perform a ritual creating the nexus of the netherworlds. Unfortunately, this also summons the Demogorge , who begins consuming the Hell-Lords one by one. Mephisto saved Darkoth from an explosion by transporting him to his realm. He then sent him against Thor. Mephisto sought to steal Beyonder 's powers or to destroy him to win the favor of Death. To do this Mephisto sent an army of supervillains called the Legion Accursed to attack the Beyonder, who is saved by the Thing.

After the Legion Accursed was defeated, Mephisto returned its members to where they were before he formed the team. Mephisto has sometimes been impersonated by lesser demons who imitate his form. Such demons are defeated far more easily than the virtually invincible Mephisto. Mephisto has also bound demons to actor Martin Preston , thus creating the entity called Master Pandemonium. Doom kidnaps Franklin so that he may give Franklin's soul to Mephisto in exchange for the freedom of his mother's. At another time, Mephisto initiated a complex plot that in the end would cause Hela the Asgardian death goddess trouble in the far future.

Hela had recently stolen some twentieth century souls that rightfully belonged to him. Knowing of Hela's curse against Thor, he wished to demonstrate to Thor the horrors of living on a plane of the dead. There he tricked Susan Richards into believing that he had made a deal with Reed Richards years earlier. Mephisto then apparently took away Reed's intelligence, making Reed a drooling idiot. Sue agreed to stay in Mephisto's realm if he returned Reed's intellect and returned the Fantastic Four and Franklin to Earth.

A desperate Reed thought that the clue might mean the X-Factor team. He contacted them and asked for their help. X-Factor agreed, and ultimately confronted Sue Richards, under Mephisto's control, and Mephisto, who appeared in a waterfront warehouse. Mephisto tried to get them to bargain with him, but Iceman refused and broke Mephisto's seductive spell. They attacked but he was able to use his illusion powers to confuse them. The X-Men then tried to rescue Jean Grey, and Mephisto tricked Rogue into believing he was susceptible to her power to absorb other people's memories and powers.

Wishing to save the X-Men, she used her powers to absorb their personalities. Rogue then found out that Mephisto had been pretending that her powers could affect him. He then drained her soul, plus the personalities of all the X-Men she had absorbed. Mephisto then transported himself and Rogue to where the badly beaten Thor lay, after battling the Midgard Serpent. Hela arrived, claiming Thor's soul as her own. Mephisto somehow used Rogue's powers to release Thor's soul from his body, where he then captured Thor's soul and also sent Rogue back to the X-Men.

Hela arranged for the Avengers to arrive to fight Mephisto while she tried to free Thor's soul. Mephisto was able to beat the Avengers while Hela was unable to free Thor's soul from Mephisto's mystic mylar.

Realizing that such a soul on his plane would cause nothing but trouble, Mephisto returned Thor's soul to his body and conceded defeat to Hela. Mephisto then revealed to the Living Tribunal that his power weakening was nothing more than a sham, and that he never really had any claim over Thor's soul anyway. In fact, the whole plan had been to give Thor a small taste of what it was like on a plane of the dead.

When Thor's soul finally arrived on Hela's plane, Thor would be more determined than ever to cause Hela as much trouble as possible. Mishna , a poor Landlak , seeked to bargain her soul with Mephisto in exchange for immortality in order to provide for her family forever.

Mephisto (Earth-616)

She crossed paths with Silver Surfer , and after a small talk, Mishna changed her mind and refused to deal with Mephisto. Mephisto had a daughter Mephista [48] with an unidentified human mother. Mephisto's soul was used by the Scarlet Witch to give birth to twin sons, Tommy and Billy. Wanda had also reanimated her deceased mentor, Agatha Harkness , through whom she cast a spell to make her forget her children in order to ease her pain.

Wolverine ran across Ballistic while looking for the missing Zoe Culloden. Once they find his missing companion, the duo end up fighting her as she and Heatwave had been put under the mental control of Mephisto. Nighthawk was put into a a coma and kept alive, listed in a hospital simply as a John Doe. He was revived from his coma, seemingly by an angel, who granted him special visions that enabled him to see crimes before they were committed.

Returning to his life of heroics, Nighthawk soon found that this supposed blessing was a nightmare in the making: He attacked criminals before they committed a crime, making him a criminal himself and attracting the attention of Daredevil. This led to a clash between the two where Nighthawk, in a fury, killed Daredevil. He and Daredevil's corpse were transported to Hell where Kyle learned that his "gift" was actually given to him not by an angel, but by Mephisto.