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The 20km cycling. Forestry, timber processing to finished product and support businesses, agriculture, tourism and corrective services are the main industries. The timber industry processes around one million tonnes of renewable plantation pine each year and so is a major industry in New South Wales and the largest employer in Oberon servicing other support industries such as engineering and trucking. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes, and the town has a strong food and wine group and a local arts council.

Oberon has three strong churches actively involved in all age groups including provision of regular community events. Related Pages. Gift Vouchers For an experience that will be remembered long after the gift of giving - why not consider a gift voucher. If using the full text as a starting point for preparing a text for production, substantial investigation, thought, and decision making will be required; and many will be excited at the prospect of such.

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The shorter, performance text is offered as one proven, production-ready version where the bulk of this investigation and other work has already been done. This may better suit the circumstances of others. You can find out more about this book , and its companion volume, The Oresteia , on our website. What do you believe writers need to know about script editing and writing in general?

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There are so many different areas to writing. Inevitably, when we choose the twelve writers we choose, we love their scripts. Their scripts are fantastic but some writers do better off the back of the course than other writers. You do get a lot of knock-backs. Some people thrive in that environment and some people find it difficult. It is tough but you need to have sufficient passion for the craft and for writing that you can ride those bumps and enjoy the process. I think the best writers do it because they love writing.

Last month, Dramatic Writing Masterclasses: Key Advice from the Industry Masters was published, providing access to the leading industry writing training for the first time. I am delighted that some of this learning is being disseminated further with this book.

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There will be craft-based training about different aspects of playwriting, but I also want to start to train that group up as artist-producers able to take responsibility for curating, project-managing and particularly fundraising for their own projects. We decide whose lives are worth putting a frame around.

You wait for the phone to ring. Fin Kennedy: I do a whole module on this. When you get a commission from one of the big companies like Soho or the Royal Court, it is about you and your voice and your vision and your name in lights. You might have a group of young people for whom you are the workshop leader as well as the writer and gatherer of the material.

I enjoy that process and I enjoy taking myself out of myself. Thanks to Fin Kennedy and Jennifer Tuckett for their contributions to this blog.

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This book shares the results of this year with you via ten Masterclasses from our Year of Experimentation Festival — the culmination of our first year — and provides access for the first time to the leading industry training. Our ten Masters are:. It seemed to us this is a potentially vicious cycle that we wanted to address.

Each Masterclass includes an interview providing further insight into who these Masters are and additional tips. Written by some of the finest practitioners in their fields, these books are designed to equip actors with everything they need to learn, develop and thrive.

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