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Blood Is The Sky Alex McKnight , book 5 Steve Hamilton "Everything is here - his trademark sense of place, vivid, resonant charcters, and a plot to break your heart. This is smart, savvy, expert - and highly recommended. You bet they can - when Lee Goldberg's writing them. Get aboard right now for a thrill ride.

Books in the Series

In the Company of Liars David Ellis "A highly intelligent thriller that burrows backward through time like Houdini explaining a trick. An automatic book-of-the-year. Spectres in the Smoke Jethro , book 2 Tony Broadbent "Vintage atmosphere, great writing, perfect story Nails the period better than I have seen it done before. The Last King of Brighton Brighton , book 2 Peter Guttridge "I don't need the competition, but honesty demands I confess - this is a great thriller.

And very good. Highly recommended. Thick as Thieves Peter Spiegelman "Slick, sophisticated, and satisfying The Professionals Stevens and Windermere , book 1 Owen Laukkanen "Really terrific - characters that live and breathe, and chills aplenty. Sailor Tom Epperson "Simply a great thriller - full of action but about people, tough but not bleak, fast and yet thoughtful.

Mooney is one of the best thriller writers working today. One hell of a writer. Act of Vengeance Michael Jecks "An instant classic British spy novel - mature, thoughtful, and intelligent. Crime fiction doesn't get much better. Tense and human, fast and authentic. Hollow Man Hollow Man , book 1 Mark Pryor "As sharp and slick as a switchblade--both excellent entertainment and an acute psychological portrait. Add Mark Pryor to your must-read list--I have. The Undoing Averil Dean "Hypnotically suspenseful and truly chilling A very superior thriller. Casting Bones Quentin Archer Mystery , book 1 Don Bruns "If you love the crime genre, this is not just highly recommended, but mandatory.

Trust me. Arrowood Laura McHugh "Superb and subtle psychological suspense, and a compelling mystery, too. I thought I knew who did it, but I was wrong- four times. I loved it. Stalked Profiler , book 4 Elizabeth Heiter "Suspenseful from the start and intriguing throughout. Nobody does it better. Say Nothing Brad Parks "Outstanding-starts with a bang and gets tenser and tenser. Shadow Man Alan Drew "A home run. You Don't Know Me Imran Mahmood "A daring concept executed to perfection, a hypnotic and authentic voice, and questions for us to answer as readers and people. Girl in Snow Danya Kukafka "A sensational debut - great characters, mysteries within mysteries, and page-turning pace.

I love this guy. This is a phenomenal piece of work. The Innocent Wife Amy Lloyd "You can hear the ominous music from the first line onward - this is a fantastic thriller. The Last Mrs. My kind of book. This is that kind of book. Two Girls Down Alice Vega , book 1 Louisa Luna "Opening this book is like arming a bomb--the suspense is relentless and the payoff is spectacular.

Lead character Alice Vega is sensational--I want to see lots more of her. Sunburn Laura Lippman "Another extraordinary novel from Laura Lippman - full of just-one-more chapter, stay-up-late suspense, but packed too with nuance, subtlety, observation and humanity. Lippman is a natural storyteller at the height of her powers. Killing State Michael North , book 1 Judith O'Reilly "A terrific future-shock thriller full of pace, tension, character, and emotion.

Dead Girls Graeme Cameron "Hypnotic and chilling. The Louisiana Republic Maxim Jakubowski "An intriguing mixture of past tradition and future-shock dystopia, written by a giant of the genre If you try one new thing this year, make it Star of the North. Wicked River Jenny Milchman "Shot through with sinister suspense. It All Falls Down Nora Watts , book 2 Sheena Kamal "A brave, unflinching heroine and brave, unflinching writing adds up to an extraordinary debut - highly recommended.

The Old Religion Tom Killgannon , book 1 Martyn Waites "Waites brings all his storytelling talent and experience to this chilling tale. The Banker's Wife Cristina Alger "Immersive, satisfying, tense--and timely: This is probably happening for real right now. Death on the Edge V. Warshawski Sara Paretsky "Sara Paretsky is a genius. Black Camp 21 Bill Jones "Excellent-a story told with pace and power Twisted Steve Cavanagh "This guy is the real deal.

The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides "Smart, sophisticated suspense - a very fine novel by any standard. With his luck and resources running out, Barnes must battle a corrupt system to conduct his own investigation. His journey takes him from Montecito to North Dakota to Key—and draws him into a dazzling and dangerous web of intrigue, self-dealing, exhortation, and murder.

Racing against the odds and the clock, Barnes will be sent to prison—unless he is able to identify the true murderer and clear his name in time. Our lucky winners were Dee S. Our lucky winner was Jeremy T. Thanks to the author, we have a copy of this second in the series to give away. Our lucky winner was Barbara A.

Their peaceful rural life is shattered when John Rother disappears and his abandoned car is found. Has he been kidnapped? Superintendent Meredith is called to investigate — and begins to suspect the worst when human bones are discovered on Chalklands farmland. His patient, careful detective method begins slowly to untangle the clues as suspicion shifts from one character to the next. This classic detective novel from the s is now republished for the first time, with an introduction by the award-winning crime writer Martin Edwards. Bobby has every hope of an idyllic marriage, but Nancy has more worldly ideas about her future: she is attracted not so much to Bobbie as to the fortune he expects to inherit.

When Chief Inspector Wake of Scotland Yard enters the scene, he uncovers a tangled web of love affairs, a cynical Soho underworld, and a motive for murder. Thanks to publicist Maryglenn McCombs, we are giving away the first two releases in the Crime Classics series, featuring historical mysteries rediscovered by the British Library. Focused on the Golden Age of British crime writing, the series includes works by both recognized and lesser-known writers.

Our lucky winner was Judy S. Hard-boiled breakfasts, thrilling entrees, cozy desserts, and more—this illustrated cookbook features more than recipes from legendary mystery authors. Full-color photography is featured throughout, along with mischievous sidebars revealing the links between food and foul play. Our lucky winners were Eleanor E. Susan M. When her father hires Liz, she suspects the most difficult part of her job will be convincing the patriarch his daughter tired of his overbearing nature and left town. But behind the garden walls South of Broad, family secrets pop up like weeds in the azaleas.

The neighbors recollect violent arguments between Kent and her parents. Eccentric twin uncles and a gaggle of cousins covet the family fortune. But the closer she gets to what has become of Kent, the closer Liz dances to her own grave. Our lucky winners were Kimberly C. Except to a volatile, unpredictable leader in the Madrid drug trade, the man known only as El Osito.

Cozy Mystery Series

As Danquah begins her search for Sasha, a body is found in Madrid. Thanks to Gretchen Crary of February Media we have 10 copies of this thriller to give away. Our lucky winners were Ed H. But when they disrupt the funeral of Second Lieutenant Lauren Hanson, a West Point graduate killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, hard-charging Fort Worth trial attorney Jace Forman becomes determined to put an end to their crazed crusade no matter the cost. As Jace and reporter Leah Rosen battle the odds and the clock in pursuit of justice and truth in the courts, they draw closer to uncovering a shocking conspiracy—and facing sinister forces that will stop at nothing to keep them from revealing the truth.

Thanks to Marissa Curnutte of JKSCommunications, we have two advance readers copies of this legal thriller to giveaway. Our lucky winners were Bruce W. Gran insists not and wants Laurel to prove it. When her detective boyfriend throws her ex in jail for murder, Laurel, with the help of her zany friends and family, must find the real killer. Juggling two kids, a new boss, a wilting romance, and two murder investigations would be enough to turn any woman into a chocolate addict. Thanks to the author we have a copy of this fourth in the humorous series, a finalist for the Lefty Award, to give away.

Our lucky winner was Ellen M. Abe Stern into the interconnected worlds of private school kids and the runaways who roam Seattle's streets. Corey's son Billy attends the Olympic Academy, where two friends, Maisie and Aaron, are experimenting with sex and drugs. They've become close to Star, a streetwise seductress who leads them down a treacherous path. Teaser is a mystery to everyone except Abe and Corey, who alone realize what they must do to rescue Maisie. They contrive a plan that shocks even them. Our lucky winners were Bill P. Michael Sears Long Way Down Two years in a federal prison has changed Jason Stafford, is still changing him, but one thing it has taught him as a financial investigator is how to detect a lie.

Haley does indeed have enemies. He is not a nice man. It does make him dangerous to be around, though. The deeper Stafford investigates, the more secrets he starts to uncover, secrets people would kill for. Thanks to publicist Wiley Saichek, we have two copies of this third in the series to give away. Franck Thilliez Bred to Kill Viking , France reunites Detective Lucie Henebelle and Inspector Franck Sharko, investigating the case of the brutal murder of Eva Louts, a promising graduate student who was killed while working at a primate research center outside Paris. But what first appears to be a vicious animal attack soon proves to be something more sinister.

What was Eva secretly researching? Was she tracking three fanatical scientists who control a thirty-thousand-year-old virus with plans to unleash it into the world? This mix of genetics, paleontology, and the dark side of human nature moves from the rain-slicked streets of Paris to the heart of the Alps to the remote Amazon jungle as Lucie and Sharko work to solve the murder—before whoever killed Eva comes for them. Our lucky winner was Michael C. Michael Guillebeau A Study in Detail Five Star is the story of Paul, an outdoorsman living a simple life with his a volatile artist wife until Marta disappears and her body is never found.

Paul finds a message in her last painting telling him that she faked her death to draw attention to her paintings. A gallery in Arizona claims to have new Marta paintings. Paul goes to investigate, followed by the insurance investigator, the enforcer, and a young new-age girl determined to help Paul forget his dead wife. Thanks to the author, we have four advance readers copies of this non-series mystery, due for release March 11th, to give away. Our lucky winners were Edwin S. When the Albuquerque newspaper announces that Senator Lawrence is writing the book, one person with a connection to the case is murdered and another narrowly escapes death.

Despite the best efforts of Ginger's husband and an FBI agent Harrie finds infuriatingly attractive, the energetic pair cannot resist trying to discover who is so anxious to destroy the book, the senator and his big secret. But will their proficiency and pluck be up to the challenge when they land in a dark house with a cold, calculating killer who has nothing else to lose?

Thanks to the author, we have one paperback copy of this debut mystery to give away. Our lucky winner was Carol B. Three thrillers by Glenn Cooper have just been released for the first time in the US. The Resurrection Maker follows Arthur Malory, a seemingly ordinary Englishman, has a burning interest in the Holy Grail, a passion inherited from his father. Thrust into a life-or-death quest to find the precious artifact, he will discover not only his own amazing heritage but the power that the Grail possesses, a power that informs the resurrection of Christ and explosively merges spiritual and scientific thought.

She feels sure that evidence of a previously unknown pre-Christian sect lies in an adjacent chamber, and is devastated when the Vatican refuses to support her excavation project. Ten years later, a cave-in damages the vault, and Elizabetta unexpectedly finds herself in a race to solve the secret of the catacomb and prevent an apocalyptic event that threatens not only the Vatican but the future of mankind.

In Near Death a brilliant neuroscientist, obsessed with death since his own childhood near death experience, resorts to drastic measures to prove the existence of the afterlife. Thanks to publicist Wiley Saichek we have one set of all three books to give away. Our lucky winner was Dennis F. Stanhope is ably assisted by Detective Sergeant Joe Ashworth, her colleague, confidante, and surrogate son. Ashworth tries to balance his family responsibilities with the demands of working for a boss who seems to have little else in her life but the job.

In this series, Stanhope and Ashworth take on four new cases on their Northumberland beat-the stabbing of a senior citizen aboard a rush-hour train, the brutal murder of a young professional at a beach resort, the shooting of a loner out on the moors, and the drowning of a respected businessman. Based on the bestselling novels of Ann Cleeves , this atmospheric drama delivers compelling characters, superb performances, and suspenseful mysteries. Our lucky winner was Ann M. Glenn Cooper The Tenth Chamber is set in the Abbey of Ruac, in rural France, where a medieval script is discovered hidden behind an antique bookcase.

Badly damaged, it is sent to Paris for restoration, and there literary historian Hugo Pineau begins to read the startling fourteenth-century text. Within its pages lies a fanciful tale of a painted cave and the secrets it contains — and a rudimentary map showing its position close to the abbey. Intrigued, Hugo enlists the help of archaeologist Luc Simard and the two men go exploring. And at the very core of the labyrinth lies the most astonishing chamber of all, just as the manuscript chronicled.

But as they begin to unlock the ancient secrets the cavern holds, they find themselves at the center of a dangerous game. And it seems that someone will stop at nothing to protect the enigma of the tenth chamber. Thanks to publicist Wiley Saichek we have two paperback copies to give away. Our lucky winners were Mary C. As lead cop on the case, Ervansky has everything he needs to put away Ali Garland: motive, weapon, videos of the murder and a dozen eyewitnesses, one of whom is his partner of less than 24 hours, Sgt.

Has she really pulled off the perfect murder? Thanks to Flight Risk Books, we have ten copies of this first in a humorous series set smack in the middle of the Hollywood film industry.

Scared To Death

Our lucky winners were Barbara M. Now she moves in a world of powerful executives, wealthy, eccentric ex-wives and twisted ethics. Alison returns in Deadly Assets Henery Press when two clients — an eccentric Italian heiress from the Finger Lakes and an eighteen-year-old pop star from Scranton, Pennsylvania — disappear on the same day. The closer Allison gets to the truth, the deadlier her quest becomes. All paths lead back to a sinister Finger Lakes estate and the suicide of a woman thirty years earlier. Thanks to the author, we are giving away both Allison Campbell books to one lucky winner.

Our lucky winner was Bertie R. Luke McCallin The Pale House Berkley finds German intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt recently reassigned to the Feldjaegerkorps—a new branch of the military police with far-reaching powers. His position separates him from the friends and allies he has made in the last two years, including a circle of fellow dissenting Germans who formed a rough resistance cell against the Nazis. When five mutilated bodies turn up, Reinhardt knows the stakes are growing more important — and more dangerous. Because when it comes to death and betrayal, some people have long memories —and they remember Reinhardt all too well.

Our lucky winners were Lenny B. Michael H. Rubin The Cottoncrest Curse Louisiana State University Press begins in when the bodies of an elderly colonel and his young wife are discovered on the staircase of their stately plantation home, blood still dripping down the wooden balustrades. Within the sheltered walls of Cottoncrest, Augustine and Rebecca Chastaine have met their deaths under the same shroud of mystery that befell the former owner, who had committed suicide at the end of the Civil War.

Locals whisper about the curse of Cottoncrest Plantation, an otherworldly force that has now taken three lives. Assisted by his overzealous deputy, a grizzled Civil War physician, and the racist Knights of the White Camellia, the Sheriff directs a manhunt for Jake through a village of former slaves, the swamps of Cajun country, and the bordellos of New Orleans. As a peddler who has built relationships by trading fabric, needles, dry goods, and especially razor-sharp knives in exchange for fur, Jake knows the back roads of the small towns that dot the Mississippi River Delta.

Additionally, his uncanny talent for languages allows him to pose as just another local, hiding his true identity as an immigrant Jew who fled Czarist-Russia. Our lucky winner was Arthur M. Our lucky winners were Betty J. Then one day Wattles finds his office safe open and a single item missing: the piece of paper on which he has written the names of the crooks in the chain. When people associated with the chain begin to pop up dead, the only person Wattles can turn to to solve his problem is Junior Bender, professional burglar and begrudging private eye for crooks. Thanks to author Timothy Hallinan, we have five copies of this humorous caper mystery to give away.

Our lucky winners were Bob T. But one night at a party in her honor, she discovers a nasty, threatening note in her evening bag. But the threats and harassment soon escalate and Robin realizes that she has an adversary with a dark agenda. Our lucky winners were Jim F. Certainly not with her ex-husband in tow. Not even with the charming Irish barman Danny hired as their driver, not after she learned of the vengeful bookmaker on his trail. A woman of nice resources, Danny has the situation well in hand, until her party meets an Irish tour guide who claims to know the details of a terrible crime committed during the filming of The Quiet Man in Then Danny finds herself cast in the role of investigator, an investigator with an unusual client: the murder victim herself.

Thanks to Tiffany Schofield, Five Star Senior Editor, we have five hardcover copies of this non-series mystery to give away. Our lucky winners were Dennis M. Over her thirty-two-year career on the soap opera Days and Nights, her character has been a businesswoman, wife multiple times , mother, prison inmate and fugitive.

None of that prepared her for the role of a real-life sleuth. No sooner does she arrive than Veronica finds herself in a swirl of turmoil, with her neighbor at the center. Soon Veronica is chasing leads with the help of friend Mark Burke and her former co-star Alex Shelby. Twists straight from a soap script, including two leading men vying for her attention, entangle Veronica as she gathers clues. Will Veronica solve the case, or will the killer be as elusive as an acting job? And will she play the heroine or the damsel in distress?

Thanks to Tiffany Schofield, Five Star Senior Editor, we have five hardcover copies of this debut cozy mystery to give away. Our lucky winners were Hattie N. Assigned to a surveillance unit, they see an opportunity and recruit drug dealer Lamont Brown. Unfortunately, Lamont sees opportunity in them, too. Lamont feeds them information, letting the detectives claim high-profile drug busts while getting rid of his competition. Then he demands they bury a dead body and find work for his no-good cousin Jello. In their efforts to satisfy Lamont, Hardy and Early stumble on a scheme to bilk post-Katrina reconstruction efforts while dodging dirty cops, street thugs, crooked contractors, and white supremacist hit men.

Our lucky winners were Donna L. Robert Raker Entropy Wattle Publishing is a dark look at the effect of crime upon a small rural town. When a series of child abductions and murders disrupt the life of an economically blighted community, the consequences have far-reaching implications. United in a situation not of their choosing, they are forced to take a deep, introspective look into their intersected, yet isolated lives.

Thanks to Emma Taylor of Wattle Publishing we have five paperback copies to give away. Our lucky winners were Don F. Corban Addison The Garden of Burning Sand Quercus features Zoe Fleming, a young human rights lawyer who has made a life for herself in Zambia, far from her estranged father, a business mogul with presidential aspiration, away from the devastating betrayals of her past.

When a girl with Down syndrome is sexually assaulted in a Lusaka slum, Zoe demands justice. Determined to see the case through, she joins Zambian police officer Joseph Zabuta in investigating the rape. As Zoe and Joseph are drawn deeper into the complex web of characters behind this sinister crime, they forge a bond of friendship that slowly transforms into love. Thwarted at every turn, they find themselves caught in a great clash between the forces of justice and power. To vindicate Kuyeya and build a future with Joseph, Zoe must risk her life and her heart, and confront the past she thought she left behind.

Thanks to Jessica Bromberg, Quercus Publishing Associate Director of Publicity, we have five hardcover copies of this thriller to give away. Our lucky winners were Dorrit S. Her sodden clothes stained with blood, Cat spins a tale of a narrow escape from a shadowy pursuer.

Ten years earlier, Cat hid under the porch of her family home while her mother was brutally butchered by her ex-con father. Stride still blames himself for not preventing the slaughter. But is Cat telling the truth? Now a single question haunts the void between them: Should Stride be afraid for — or of — this terribly damaged girl? Thanks to Jessica Bromberg, Quercus Publishing Associate Director of Publicity, we have five hardcover copies of this 6th in the series to give away. Our lucky winners were Glenn B.

We promise not to include any squid! Our lucky winners were Denise W. William P. Terry Nye is a couple of weeks from retirement as a detective, head of Major Crimes. Rose is a young detective, smart, more than a little ambitious, but also insecure. Together she and Nye are a powerhouse team. The city is in turmoil when Ensor dies and the hunt for a cop killer rushes ahead relentlessly, moving from Nye and Tafoya to Stevenson and his wife. The guilty and innocent are sucked randomly into the intense, high-powered investigation. Our lucky winners were Bekke H. From Arizona, and Kenny T.

Nadal watches for weeks before he first approaches the boy. After their first confrontation, Maggie should have run. She should have hidden her child. But she underestimated the man who was once her lover. With self-righteous determination, Nadal goes to her house. He demands to spend time with the boy. When she refuses, he reaches for a knife. By the time Pittsburgh homicide detective Richard Christie arrives on the scene, all that remains of Maggie Brown is a bloodstain on the floor. A boy should be with his father.

Our lucky winners were Carole S. Believing his career is over, Tom refers his friend to a brilliant, yet beleaguered, former student, Rick Drake, who begins to uncover that the truth behind the tragedy is buried in a tangled web of arson, bribery, and greed. Our lucky winners were Anders O. Patrick Lee Runner Minotaur introduces Sam Dryden, a retired special forces agent who lives a quiet life in a small town on the coast of Southern California. While out on a run in the middle of the night, a young girl crashes into him on the seaside boardwalk. She only recalls the past two months of her life—and that she has a skill that makes her very dangerous.

Dryden, who lost his wife and young daughter in an accident five years ago, agrees to help her try to unravel her own past and make sense of it, and to protect her from the people who are moving heaven and earth to find them both. But, as he slowly begins to discover, the highly trained paramilitary forces on their heels is the only part of the danger they must face.

Our lucky winners were Bill G. Coming home from prison, all Corey wants is to be with her son. To get him back, she needs to make a good impression on the psychiatrist evaluating her. But Dr. Thanks to publicist Samantha Lien, we have one copy to give away. Our lucky winner was David M. From an arson fire in a Marin County club to the slashing death of a royal equerry in Arabia, perennial sideman JP, who narrates the series, finds himself forced to take center stage.

Our lucky winner was Thomas U. Ellen Larson In Retrospect Five Star is an old-fashioned whodunit set in a compelling post-apocalyptic future. Former elite operative Merit Rafi suffered during her imprisonment at the end of a devastating war, but the ultimate torment is being forced to investigate a murder she would gladly have committed herself. In the year the Rasakans have attacked the technologically superior Oku.

The war is a stalemate until the Oku commander, General Zane, abruptly surrenders. Merit, a staunch member of the Oku resistance, fights on, but she and her comrades are soon captured. An uneasy peace ensues, but the Rasakans conspire to gain control of the prized Oku time-travel technology. When Zane is murdered, the Rasakans exert control over Merit, the last person on Earth capable of Forensic Retrospection.

Our lucky winners were Betty B. Jonnie Jacobs Lying with Strangers Five Star is the story of two very different women and the tragic event that brings them together, opening the door to second chances.

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Against her better judgment, Chloe Henderson becomes the unwitting accomplice to a murder committed by her boyfriend. Joel Richards, an enthusiastic young journalist covering recent developments in an old murder, has his own reasons for being interested in the victim, and in Chloe. Thanks to Tiffany Schofield, Acquisitions Editor at Five Star, we have five hardcover copies of this stand-alone thriller to give away.

Our lucky winners were Audrey B. Jim Brodie on a trail from California to Tokyo as he struggles to unravel a major murder in San Francisco. With the assistance of a shadow powerbroker, a renegade Japanese detective, and the elusive telecommunications tycoon at the center of the murders, Brodie moves from the crime scene to Tokyo to a remote Japanese village. He soon finds himself at the center of a deadly secret that not only threatens to take his life, but also the lives of his entire circle of family and friends — including his six-year-old daughter. In Japantown, Lancet depicts a rich mixture of art and violence, the past and the present, east and west, while bringing San Francisco to life in all its layers.

Our lucky winners were Diana R. Also attending as a guest speaker is her boyfriend, DCI Gareth Davies, there to give a talk on theft prevention. As the conference continues, another body is found in the beautiful library itself, and Penny must once again search for a killer.

Thanks to the author and St. Our lucky winners were Luigina L.

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  • Security Director Julia Moro is on the job, chasing after the misogynistic leader of Patria, a long-disbanded international terrorist organization now being whispered about again on the streets. This dangerous, shadowy figure has been linked to several bombing attempts and vicious attacks on women, including the Women of Peace—an organization headed by thirteen bold women who have risked their lives to restore worldwide peace. Thanks to publicist Wiley Saichek we have two hardcover copies to give away.

    Our lucky winners were Linda P. The Fairchilds were a happy family of wealthy New York stock, with two loving daughters until the secrets started to surface. The first secret was revealed when Julia was told the truth about her father. Her reaction to the revelation sent her spinning out of control. How Ariel responded to the revelation astounded the rest of the family. The future looks bright until a romantic weekend turns into a disaster. Fleeing home and family, she moves to New Mexico and starts to pull her life together. Thanks to publicist Grace Wright, we have three copies of this second in the series to give away.

    Our lucky winners were Dodie S. Someone framed her and Louis helped. But before Louis can set things straight in a press conference, he turns up dead on the doorstep of Pie in the Sky. With the help of Ryan, a hunky journalist, Maggie tries to figure out who set her up and killed Louis. But just as she and Ryan get closer to the truth, the killer steps up his game.

    Our lucky winners were Betsy D. Rollie Water, whose expertise is going undercover to solve complex crimes involving powerful military officials and unknown enemies who are prepared to kill for stolen fortunes. When a sniper attacks the team, Rollie is forced to go undercover to solve the riddle of the graves and to apprehend the puppet master behind the whole plot.

    As a confirmed citizen of the fog, now more spy than soldier, Waters must uncover the man pulling the strings behind a backdrop of murder, deceit, and stolen fortune — before he disappears forever into the mist. Thanks to publicist Cassandre Mandel we have one hardcover copy to give away. Our lucky winner was Mary C. Soon Nova finds herself framed for a string of unusual and gruesome murders and is on the run from Swedish authorities.

    Left to her own device, Nova is forced to explore crawling biblical clues in order to unravel the mysteries of past and present and to figure out how she got herself in the middle of it. This fast-paced suspense novel blends biblical mythology with global conspiracies to create a convincing and effective story. In-depth characters and quickly unravelling plot, full of dramatic twists and turns, has made it a major success throughout Europe. Thanks to publicist Tricia van Dockum, we have one paperback copy to give away.

    Our lucky winner was Joyce F. Coleman is now the editor of an influential arts magazine and Dinah is the owner of a print gallery in Greenwich Village. When billionaire Heyward Bain arrives with a glamorous assistant, announcing plans to fund a fine print museum, Coleman is intrigued and plans to get to know Bain and publish an article about him.

    Dinah hopes to sell him enough prints to save her gallery. Thanks to publicist Marissa Curnutte of JKSCommunications we have three paperback copies of this debut mystery to give away. Our lucky winners were Barbara S. Her mother, Mona, is pregnant, hormonal, and bored. The Smack-Down Poker tournament, the second-largest poker tournament in the world, is holding its final round at the Babylon. Hookers, thieves, players, cheaters, media, and hangers-on descend, looking to win or to score.

    When one of the players turns up dead, Lucky starts to make connections between the two murders, putting her in the crosshairs of the killer. Thanks to publicist Grace Wright of JKSCommunications, we have three hardcover copies of this 4th in the series to give away. Our lucky winners were Debi L. At her lowest ebb she is approached by Julia, her sixteen-year-old former stepdaughter whose best friend Caleigh has disappeared.

    Now she must find resources other than drink to overcome her fears, as she is pitted against cunning of a ruthless killer, and a web of deceit in which the darkest secrets may be her own. Thanks to Julia Callahan of Rare Bird Lit we have five paperback copies of this debut thriller to give away. Our lucky winners were Bruce B. And so will Gladys Walton, the owner of the rural North Carolina property that sits atop the bounty of valuable rock.

    When Gladys goes missing and a murder victim turns up in the well, Cleo works extra hard to keep her test drilling above board and on schedule. But a near-fatal accident convinces Cleo that someone is dead set on killing her, too. With support from a hot fellow geologist, Cleo races against the clock before another body is found and her dreams of fame and fortune are crushed. Thanks to publicist Grace Wright of JKSCommunications, we have three paperback copies of this debut mystery to give away.

    Our lucky winners were Ellen M. Its publication was the catalyst for the foundation of an entire literary movement, Mediterranean noir, and made its author an overnight celebrity in the late s. The trilogy has just been reissued in new trade paperback editions with an introduction by Massimo Carlotto. Our lucky winner was JoAnn O. On a cold Sunday morning a man is found murdered and hanged on the old city wall that surrounds Visby, capital of Gotland.

    The victim is art gallery owner Egon Wallin. In this hair-raising story, superintendent Anders Knutas is facing one of the toughest investigations in his career. Thanks to Tricia van Dockum, Stockholm Text publicist, we have one paperback copy to give away. Our lucky winner was Gloria K. Although all the evidence points to her guilt, Simms hires Bekker to prove her innocence. Bekker soon finds himself ensnared in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

    The murder victim was raised in an orphanage in Utah, and Bekker makes the startling discovery that other young men from the same orphanage are being murdered around the country. As he closes in on a suspect, Bekker and his family become targets as well. Our lucky winners were Dave H. When her dear friend Tory Lambert dies after her gingerbread-style house is set ablaze, Stella suspects arson.

    Thanks to author J. Cook Joyce and Jim Lavene , we have a paperback copy of this first in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade series to give away to five lucky winners. Our lucky winners were Elaine N. Julia Pomeroy No Safe Ground Five Star is the story of Reynolds Packard, a limo driver who lives in a run down house in the back woods of upstate New York, with no family or ties other than his cousin, Millie.

    Into his dreary and uneventful life barrels a girl he had never expected to see again — the daughter he gave up fifteen years before. Vida, now a twenty-one year old veteran, is AWOL and running for her life. Recently wounded in Iraq, she has no where else to go and has come to her father for help. She believes someone from her old unit is trying to kill her.

    Instead of helping her, Packard ignores the pleas of the girl he barely knows. After second thoughts, and with the help of his ex-state trooper cousin Millie, Packard decides he must find Vida before a brutal killer tracks her down first. Thanks to Tiffany Schofield, Five Star Acquisitions Editor, we have five hardcover copies of this stand-alone thriller to give away. Sofie Kelly Cat Trick Signet finds Kathleen Paulson enjoying her life as a small-town librarian with her two extraordinary cats, Owen and Hercules. The local businesses of Mayville Heights hope to convince Chicago-based company Legacy Tours to sell a vacation package for their town.

    Even the local bootlegger has an issue with the bossy loudmouth Mike has become—until someone shuts him up for good. Thanks to the author, we have paperback copies of this 4th in the Magical Cats series to give away to four lucky winners. Since the swanky soiree is happening in the penthouse suite of swashbuckling star Douglas Fairbanks, some derring-do is called for. Each partygoer draws a card to be detective, murderer, or victim.

    But young Broadway starlet Bibi Bibelot trumps them all when her dead body is found in the bathtub. Thanks to the author we have a paperback copy of this witty third in the series to give away. Our lucky winner was Sue H. Jenny Milchman Cover of Snow Ballantine is the story of Nora Hamilton, who wakes up one wintry morning in her old farmhouse nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, sure that something is wrong. When her fog of sleep clears, she finds her world is suddenly, irretrievably shattered: Her husband, Brendan, has committed suicide. Then, a disturbing awareness slowly settles in: Brendan left no note and gave no indication that he was contemplating taking his own life.

    Why would a rock-solid police officer with unwavering affection for his wife, job, and quaint hometown suddenly choose to end it all? Having spent a lifetime avoiding hard truths, Nora must now start facing them. It quickly becomes clear to Nora that she is asking questions no one wants to answer. For beneath the soft cover of snow lies a powerful conspiracy that will stop at nothing to keep its presence unknown… and its darkest secrets hidden.

    Our lucky winner was Shelia M. Hubie is startled when he grasps a human hand. He was hoping for an artifact, not a handshake and is puzzled by his discovery since the Anasazi did not bury their dead in their living quarters. A more pressing problem confronts him when he hears his truck drive away from the plain above the cliff. After a bizarre escape from the cliff dwelling, he is convinced to return by his sidekick Susannah, who suspects the body was not a mummy but a contemporary person. But when Hubie descends a second time with her help, what he discovers defies all logic.

    It takes Hubie, Susannah, a coyote, and Billy the Kid to finally figure out who was dead and why. Thanks to the author, we have five trade paperback copies of the sixth in this funny series to give away. Our lucky winners were Anne E. Marauding Turks have abducted a beautiful young girl and sold her into slavery. Thanks to Tiffany Schofield, Acquisitions Editor at Five Star, we have five hardcover copies of this debut historical mystery to give away.

    Our lucky winners were Cecile L. Michael W. Faced with life in prison, his only hope is to find the real killer. In a desperate attempt to unravel the mystery, Blake learns that his friend stumbled onto secrets that have been buried beneath Capitol Hill for years. Secrets that are now being disturbed by the construction of the new light rail tunnel. Secrets that will shake the government of Seattle. Secrets that foreign agents will kill for. On the run from the police and murderers, Blake finds a chance to heal his grief and reclaim his life—if he can stay alive long enough to unearth the truth.

    Our lucky winner was Lesley P. A young girl is killed in a cheap motel, and when her identity is discovered, an influential businessman brings the heat down on the department. Thanks to Tiffany Schofield, Five Star Acquisitions Editor, we have five hardcover copies of this second in the series to give away. Our lucky winners were Evelyn L. The toxin kills within minutes and leaves no trace behind, so worried biochemist Dr.

    Millie Hunter reports the theft at once to her father, Medical Examiner Dr. A sudden death at a dinner party followed by another at a gala black-tie event seem at first to be linked only by the poison and the presence of Dr. Jim Hunter, a scientist on the brink of greatness and husband to Millie. A black man married to a white woman, Dr. Jim has faced scandal and prejudice for most of his life, so what would cause him to risk it all now? Is he being framed for murder—and if so, by whom? Our lucky winner was Janet M. Charles Salzberg Swann Dives In Five Star finds retired Henry Swann drawn back into the detective game by a millionaire, a missing heiress, evasive college professors, rare book dealers, and ten thousand dollars a week.

    Swann thought he was done with skip tracing — finding missing deadbeats and losers for a few bucks — but working as a cable service guy was a bit on the dull side, though not risking life and limb is a welcome relief. Millionaire lawyer Carlton Phillips has lost track of his daughter Marcy. Her last known whereabouts were at her school, Syracuse University. Armed with more questions than leads, Swann flies up to Boston where he narrowly avoids the arms of a seductive and secretive librarian.

    Finally back in New York City, Swann tries to sort out the details of the case. Is Marcy Phillips a victim? What is the nature of her relationship to the sexy and cagey Elizabeth Lawson? Is Carlton Phillips somehow involved in this story? How are all of these people connected to the rare book world, and who is really trying to get away with something? Thanks to the author and publicist June Clark, we have a hardcover copy of this second in the series to give away. Our lucky winner was Chris J. Nina assumes the children have picked up a stomach bug, or perhaps were exposed to a chemical in the workshop, and treats them for dehydration.

    But the sickest child grows weaker, and Nina herself develops a pounding headache. This compelling thriller is a followup to The Boy in the Suitcase. Our lucky winner was Jackie S. An oversized appetite for fine dining, flashy suits, and Las Vegas call girls has made Loftus the target of media scrutiny and an FBI investigation that may end his career.

    Now he says someone is trying to kill him. Eager to identify his attacker but not so eager to work with the cops, Loftus turns to Milan for help. Milan and K. Loftus and several Cleveland landlords appear to be involved in something much darker than a typical cash-for-favors trade. After a kinky call girl is found dead near the Cleveland Zoo and secret sex tapes are discovered in her downtown high-rise, Milan and K. Luckily they have the help of Cleveland police detective Tobe Blaine, a tough-as-nails officer recently relocated from Cincinnati.

    She and Milan team up in their search for clues and discover they have much more in common than crime. Our lucky winners were Colleen R. Jane keeps hoping that her missing source will finally come forward and tell the truth so she can get her real job back. As they pursue their separate investigations, Jane and Jake both begin to suspect that their seemingly distinct inquiries connect with a ruthless killer who will do just about anything to cover up a scandal with political repercussions. Thanks to the author, we have two hardcover books to give away. Our lucky winners were Barbara C.

    But when her lifeless body is discovered, the police are stumped. Suspicion falls on a neighborhood handyman, but Detective Colleen Greer and her boss, Commander Richard Christie, are not sure. The detectives discover that what seem like the easiest cases are actually the most complicated. We are giving away a hardback copy of this 6th in the series. Our lucky winner was Lois G. His wife, Jenny, is in intensive care. The story Jenny told her sister about a shadowy intruder who was slipping past all the locks.

    And Broken Harbor holds memories for Scorcher. Thanks to Angela Messina of Viking, we have hardback copies of this new thriller for two lucky winners. Our lucky winners were Joseph L. Karin Slaughter Criminal Delacorte Press finds Will Trent, a brilliant agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, newly in love and beginning to put a difficult past behind him. Then a local college student goes missing, and Will is inexplicably kept off the case by his supervisor and mentor, deputy director Amanda Wagner.

    Flash back nearly forty years. Amanda and her partner, Evelyn, are the only ones who seem to care if an arrest is ever made. And these two dauntless investigators will each need to face down demons from the past if they are to prevent an even greater terror from being unleashed. Thanks to Marketing Director Wiley Saichek, we have hardback copies of this July release for two lucky winners. Our lucky winners were Pat A.

    Barbara Cleverly Not My Blood finds Scotland Yard Detective Joe Sandilands caught off guard one night in by a phone call from a distressed boy named Jackie Drummond, who just might be the illegitimate son Joe never knew he had. Jackie is in trouble at his Sussex boarding school, where a teacher has been murdered. When Joe gets himself assigned to the investigation, he learns the boarding school case is more complicated than it appears.

    Our lucky winner was Sheryl J. Kim Il-Sung has vowed to reunite North and South Korea into one country before he hands control of the government over to his son, which means North Korea is planning to cross the DMZ and overpower the American-allied South Korean government. To do so, he will have to go undercover and infiltrate the North Korean Communist inner sanctum.

    But he has other things on his mind. Can he rely on the enigmatic Hero Kang, his sole contact in the hostile country?

    And who are the mysterious group of women known as the Joy Brigade? Our lucky winner was Richard M. Poke collides with a large middle-aged American man who collapses on top of Poke, gasping three words before dying from gunshot wounds. After a hard night of drinking, Poke is taken in for questioning by Major Shen, who demands to know what the man told him. The hungover Poke can only remember one of the words, and is finally released under a cloud of suspicion.

    Poke gets in touch with a group of semi-retired spies, and discovers that his interrogators have something to do with the Phoenix Project, a Vietnam-era program resurrected by the Pentagon after , now being used to wipe out suspected Muslim terrorists in southern Thailand. Poke narrowly escapes arrest, goes into hiding, and discovers that the dead man had proof of gruesome atrocities committed by Murphy, the Phoenix Project leader known as the Fear Artist in Vietnam. The chilling portrayal of the soul-killing effect on those waging the war on terrorism make this 5th in the series hauntingly effective.

    Our lucky winner was Cameron B. Carin Gerhardsen The Gingerbread House Stockholm Text is the first in the Hammarby series, five crime novels that take place in the southern parts of Stockholm. In a short space of time, several beastly murders occur in central Sweden. There is a killer out there whose motives appear to be very personal, and who will not be deterred by anyone.

    Thanks to publicist Tricia van Dockum, we are offering a paperback copy of this thrilling first in the series. Our lucky winner was Carol S. The assassinations are the work of a sniper no one has been able to pin down.

    Book Titles Search

    The younger detectives are no match for this murderer and his merciless agenda. This is a job for Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond, and it might be the most dangerous investigation of his life. Our lucky winner was Julie F. David Housewright Curse of the Jade Lily Minotaur is the story of a stolen gem with a tragic history, a curse, and a million dollar ransom. Several years ago, Rushmore McKenzie became an unexpected millionaire and set about doing not much of anything. Now, showing up at his doorstep is the insurance company that paid the settlement that made him rich — and they want a favor.

    Someone has stolen a very expensive gem from a local art museum and is willing to ransom it back. The only condition is that McKenzie has to be the go between. And this is no ordinary gem — it is a jade with a history going back to the Qing Dynasty and a reputed curse that has ruined or killed everyone who has ever owned it. McKenzie agrees to help but what starts out as a simple ransom quickly becomes complicated.

    Suddenly other parties — including the State Department and a mysterious woman named Heavenly — start showing up, wanting McKenzie to turn over the gem to them. When the murdered body of one of the thieves turns up in a snow drift, it looks like the cursed Jade Lily has claimed its latest victim. Our lucky winner was Wayne D. When a good-looking man named Daniel approaches her on the beach, the margaritas have kicked in and she decides: why not?

    But she quickly finds that running is not an option. Now she needs to fight smart if she wants to survive her vacation. Our lucky winner was Cynthia B. James Lilliefors Viral Soho is the story of a deadly virus that is quietly sweeping through impoverished Third World farming villages and shanty towns with frightening speed and potency. Meanwhile, in Washington DC, a three-word message left in a safe-deposit box may be the key to stopping the crisis—if Charles Mallory, a private intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, can decipher the puzzle before time runs out.

    Mallory discovers the traces of a secret war, with a bold objective—to create a new, technologically advanced society. Our lucky winner was Carl S. Lucia, she hopes the time away will rebuild their conflicted relationship.

    Lee Corso gets emotional when visited by former Navy players - College GameDay - ESPN

    But the next morning, romantic issues are put aside when a scuba diving instructor, Amanda Bolton, is found brutally stabbed to death. Amanda is a most unlikely candidate for murder—a quiet and intelligent woman who until a few months ago pursued a high-powered career as an air traffic controller. She had few acquaintances and no lovers. Our lucky winner was Joyce P. Silas is hired by a major player to pay a visit to a hedge fund manager to demand clawback: the mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal that goes bad.

    But before Cade can tell his client that he got his ten million back, the guy turns up dead. With the aid of a beautiful financial blogger looking to break her first big story, Silas tracks a violent security crew who may be the key to the executions. But as paranoia and panic spread, he begins to wonder: is the threat coming from inside the game — or out? With few places to turn, Liam asks his former mentor Niniltna post commander Sergeant Jim Chopin, for help, and Jim quickly brings Kate into the case.

    After buying the closed Air Force base south of town from the federal government at a bargain-basement price, Grant became a fixed-base operator running his fishing, hunting, and flight-seeing business, servicing planes flying through the area, and most interestingly and lucratively, getting into the air freight business. But what kind of freight was he moving, and where?

    The victim, Rebecca Meredith, was a talented but difficult woman with many admirers, and just as many enemies. An Olympic contender on the verge of a controversial comeback, she was also a high-ranking detective with the Met, a fact that raises a host of political and ethical issues in an already sensitive case. Surrounded by enemies with friendly faces, pressured to find answers quickly while protecting the Yard at all costs, his career and reputation on the line, Kincaid must race to catch the killer before more innocent lives are lost—including his own.

    Our lucky winner was Tricia J. Paul was led into a life of crime by his boyhood protector, a bully named Daniel. Now, at nineteen, Paul must bear witness against his friend to avoid prison. Now she spends her days steeped in history, renovating the grounds of a crumbling Elizabethan garden.

    These two, scarred and solitary, begin a secret affair, and Louisa starts to believe she can again find the happiness she had given up on. The Poison Tree Penguin reissue begins when Karen and her nine-year-old daughter, Alice, pick up Rex from a ten-year stint in prison for murder.

    A flash back takes us to the sultry summer in s London when Karen, an excellent student on the verge of college graduation, first meets the exotic, flamboyant Biba and joins her casual life in a crumbling mansion in Highgate.

    Children-Middle Grade-Tween

    The next morning Clara finds the body of a murdered woman in her garden, and Gamache and his team move back into their usual headquarters in the old train station. Our lucky winner was Pat J. Mignon F. When Miss Dimple disappears one frosty November morning in , Charlie is doubly troubled. She is positive Miss Dimple would never just skip town in the middle of the school year, and determines to find the truth. Miss Dimple, with the help of her fellow teachers, is soon on the case. Siri hoping to finally be allowed to retire again. But retirement is not in the cards for Dr.


    Siri after all. The presence of American soldiers in Laos is a hot-button issue for both the Americans and the Lao involved, and the search party includes high-level politicians and scientists. But one member of the party is found dead, setting off a chain of accidents Dr. Siri suspects are not completely accidental. Everyone is trapped in a cabin in the jungle, and the bodies are starting to pile up. Can Dr. Thanks to Michelle Rafferty of Soho Press, we have a hardcover copy of the 8th in this quirky series to give away. Our lucky winner was Sally B.

    Denise Hamilton Damage Control Scribner , by critically acclaimed author Denise Hamilton, weaves an engrossing story of teenage friendship and adult betrayal, featuring a high-powered crisis consultant who gets swept up in murder and scandal involving a wealthy political family. Maggie Silver is solidly middle class, with a mortgage to pay and an ill mother to support. She is doing her best to scramble up the ladder at an elite PR firm in Southern California whose clients include movie stars and famous athletes. As Maggie gets further embroiled in the lives of the Paxtons, she realizes that the ties of her old friendship are stronger than she thinks.

    Riveting and suspense-filled, Damage Control examines our craving for celebrity and spectacle, and how far the bonds of friendship can stretch before they break forever. Thanks to Darlene Chan we had three lucky winners: Ellen B. So grab a six-pack, spike the egg nog, and hit the dunes of South Beach on a sleigh ride with Serge and Coleman.

    Even the reindeer are getting out of the way! Sue Grafton V Is for Vengeance Putnam finds private detective Kinsey Millhone shopping for underwear when she spots an older woman dropping some expensive lingerie into an oversized handbag. Kinsey reports the shoplifter to store security, and watches as the woman is detained. Later, Kinsey runs into the security guard later, and learns that the woman, who was identified as Audrey Vance, broke down in tears when she was taken away by the police.

    Unfortunately Kinsey discovers that Audrey was a professional shoplifter, perhaps connected with a ring responsible for millions of dollars of stolen goods, not what Marvin was hoping to learn. But by the time he fires Kinsey, she is too immersed in the investigation to let go, despite the dangerous connection with organized crime. All of which results in Kinsey celebrating her 38th birthday with two black eyes and a broken nose. We are giving away a paperback advance uncorrected proof of this 22nd in the series.

    Our lucky winner was Nerissa H. When her estranged friend Karin leaves her a key to a public locker in the Copenhagen train station, Nina gets suckered into her most dangerous project yet. Inside the locker is a suitcase, and inside the suitcase is a three-year-old boy: naked and drugged, but alive. Is the boy a victim of child trafficking? Can he be turned over to authorities, or will they only return him to whoever sold him?

    In an increasingly desperate trek across Denmark, Nina tries to figure out who the boy is, where he belongs, and who exactly is trying to hunt him down. We are giving away a paperback advance uncopyedited edition, signed by the authors at Bouchercon in St. Louis; this thriller is due for US release on November 8th. Our lucky winner was Robert C. When Ellie arrives to walk Buddy, a prize-winning Bichon, she discovers his owner murdered in the entryway. Buddy is missing, but no one except Ellie seems to care about a mere dog.

    NYPD detective Sam Ryder at first views Ellie as the prime suspect, but she continues her search for the dog, hoping the trail will also lead her to the real murderer. The author donates all royalties earned on sales of this book to Best Friends Animal Society. Thanks to author Judi McCoy we have a signed copy of each book to give away this week. Our lucky winners were Jean F. Featured for a third time in A Bitter Truth, Bess reaches out to help an abused and frightened young woman, only to discover that no good deed ever goes unpunished when the good Samaritan nurse finds herself falsely accused of murder.